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Shoulda kept it.

Back in the 1970's, I was working in a Porsche Audi store in Dublin, OH as the sales manager and one of my salesmen came to me knowing that I was interested in guns and he had a friend who needed some money and had a M1A that he wanted to sell. I was only a few years out of the Army and had taken basic training with an M14 and I thought even though my firearm interest was Civil War and Skirmishing, I was interested and when the friend said he wanted $200 for it, I took it.
If my memory is correct, it was serial number 000479 marked Devine TX, with a Winchester barrel, TRW bolt, H&R oprod and a pure GI stock complete with unfilled butterfly cut out. And in perfect condition. I hadn't read much about the M1A so was pretty ignorant but thought it was really cool and just like the H&R M14 I had in basic. But my interests were in other directions and so kept it for just a few years. Then a mint Springfield 1863 caught my eye and the M1A was gone. I have often wondered where that M1A is now. Hopefully in a good home.
I know, I know, I shoulda kept it. Believe me, I know. GI2
1 - 1 of 141 Posts