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I realize your quite busy Bill and no hurry on this if you have to do some research but I was wondering if you mihght have any info on steel grades for M1 Garand & M14/M1A receivers ....

Friend of mine that manufactures AK Milled Receivers uses 4140 and 4142 hot rolled steel bar stock ...

Kinda made me wonder what they use (if you have any idea) on the Garands/14s ....

Are the majority of them heat treated?

I would assume so ... but then there goes that word "assume" and I am probably wrong but then thats why I had to ask ...
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I believe Fulton Armory has a FAQ article on this. IIRC, the USGI and commercial U.S. M14 type receivers are made of 8620 steel. The Chicom M14 rifle receivers are made of 5100 steel.
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