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"Reasonable" to require guns to be unusable at home

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So besides approving of the Australian gun control law buying & destroying all semi-autos ,
now she wants the remaining firearms to be "unusable" You guessed it "for the children"
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The tyrants would have us believe the 2A is not an individuals Right but pertains to the government. Our children have had this hammered into them in our government controlled schools. Our 2A Rights are spiraling as are the rest.
Not just YHO! YHO is fact not just opinion. Control of our educational institutions needs to be returned to the local levels, not state or fed! JMHO!
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I'm sure all of you are tired of hearing this from me...
We as a people will gladly surrender our RIGHTS in order to keep our luxuries and conveniences. We will not be ready to fight, utilizing force until all is lost and there is nothing left to lose. Then fight we will.
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