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"Reasonable" to require guns to be unusable at home

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So besides approving of the Australian gun control law buying & destroying all semi-autos ,
now she wants the remaining firearms to be "unusable" You guessed it "for the children"
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The whole discussion revolves around one word, . . . reasonable.

To Hitler, . . . killing Jews was a "reasonable" answer to his perceived problem.

To many women, . . . abortion is a "reasonable" answer to their problem.

To politicians who cannot find funding any other way for their pet projects, . . . raising taxes is a "reasonable" means to do so.

To me, . . . personally, . . . outlawing the Democrat party for the next 100 years is a "reasonable" way to get rid of the trash who holds a great number of offices throughout the land.

To me, . . . personally, . . . shipping Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the whole BLM movement, . . . along with George Soros to someplace on the African continent, . . . is a "reasonable" means to take back a loving, caring, helpful nation that I used to know.

But again, . . . "reasonable" is only like beauty, . . . it's found only in the eye of the beholder.

May God bless,
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