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Rear Sight Reassembly

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My Poly M14/S had a very loose sight aperture which I could depress with my thumb. I took it apart and was going to replace it with a new USGI rear sight assembly, BUT I don't know what I am doing and so at present my M14/S is sightless. :( Any help would be appreciated.
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Where 'bout in NY are you ?

Before you disassembled the sight, did you check the elev. knob screw for tightness ? Are any of the grooves on the ap. stripped, or missing?

The rear sight is pretty easy to work with...after many, many hours of fumbling with it, LOL.

It's the windage nut that determines how tight the elevation wheel (among other things) is.

Non-intuititive for sure, but all the screw on the elevation knob does is allow resetting of the range index.

-- Chuck
Sunny Long Island. :D

The parts look okay, nothing seems stripped. Any books go into detail about this? The Army Tech manuals don't really show anything.

How do I connect and tighten the the elevation pinion into the windage nut?
Uh, yea, it's somewhere on this board I think can't remember where :oops: :oops: :(
:D Get the Fulton Armory Website, they give you instructions on Rear Sight assembly! 8)
Thanks Trung Si, you just made my sunday! :D
Where on long island? I'm out on the north fork about 25 miles east of Dodge City (Calverton Range)

1- put the aperature in the sight base and set it between the ears on the receiver

2- take the sight cover and slip the front edge into the slot for it in the receiver

3- press down on the sight cover to keep it in the slot and while doing so, bush the back portion inward until it slips down into the slot in the rear of the receiver. It will snap in. Takes a bit of pressure to do this and you may need to help it along with a screwdriver covered with a piece of cloth to keep from marring it.

4- put the elevation pinion into the left side of the sight base and the windage into the right. The windage knob has threads on it that thread into the sight base to hold everything in place.

5- tighten the windage knob with a small screwdriver gently until it is tight enough so that you can still move the windage knob with your thumb and forefinger. Note it shopuld click as you move the windage knob.

6- after sighting the rifle back in you can reset the zero on the elevation knob by loosening the elevation screw and turning the knob while holding the aperature in place to the desired setting and then tightening it back up.

Hope this helps.
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I assembled the rear sight. I notice though that the windaged knob clicks only when rotated clockwise (right adjustments). It rolls smoothly when adjusting windage left (counterclockwise). Elevation tension is okay, distinct clicks, but I've felt better.

A PM is on the way with my personal info. :wink:
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