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This material applies to USGI M14/M1 rear sights, both standard and NM..

It is not common, but on occasion, you will run into a rear sight base that is too large, usually in height. These oversized parts were found in the old M1 NM bases and caused lots of problems trying to fit the sight on securely, yet not so tight the knob movements were difficult to make. These bases can be modified but the best answer is to replace them.

I am going to Edit at this point in hopes it prints out...

Looks like it's a go, thanks you guys that sent me help.

In this post the fitting of the Cover is the main topic..

Cover fit is very important and can be adjusted by removing material from the front leading edge.
To test your cover put the assembled sight on to the sight platform, push the cover forward until it stops. The remaining distance for the cover to drop in to the rear slot should be no more than 1/8"Max.. At 1/8 " the tension on the stem is too much in my rifles, but some folks like the tight knob movement.. I prefer a little less distance, I do not have a number for that distance but use thumb pressure to decide when it feels good.. Some times changing out the cover solves the issue, it's good to have a few used covers, not worn out ones however..

Don't forget to use a little lube under the sight base... Art L
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