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Rear Lugged Synthetic

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This was definately a first for me and I thought I would post a pic or two here .....

I recently received a synthetic stock from a customer wanting a makeover and apparently it has had some reconstruction for the rear lugged receiver .....

In the first photo his is on the top and in second photo on the right ...

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That's interesting Six, thanks!

All of the SmithEnt receivers are rear lugged, aren't they? When those of us on the waiting list buy the receivers we'll all be needing stocks like that.
Not really sure Quag .....

Could be .....

Its a might thin here and there but I guess it'll work. I don't know whether the customer himself did it or he had this done elsewhere.

Aloha SixT:

That is definitely doable! A milling machine would make quick work of that and I think it can be done with a drill press as well.

But IMHO, I would shore up that area with some bedding material like steel bedding or MarineTex... that will give it even more strength in that rear area. The walls of the receiver area on a synthetic is also hogged out with only support in there, I filled up the entire area when I bedded the synthetic stock... just to give it some extra strength.

Looks pretty cool! And, looks like it works for that person!


Tom O.
Doesn’t look like there is too much material left around where the rear lug is located.

I had a stock like that as well, forget where I got it. it looked like it was a not so old mod compared to the entire shape of the stock. someone milled it out and glass bedded a rear lugged receiver into it.

How did that stock hold up for you?

I never had a chance to put my rifle in it. it was an extra. think I picked it up at a local gun store for $15. it was a good deal and I knew one of my fellow gunnutz could use it. I believe skullboy has it now.
I have the stock Rooster is talking about.There does look like there was a lot of material taken out of the rear of the stock for the rear reciever lug.

I am currently using it as a painting demo stock for trying new patterns.There were a couple of big cracks in the stock comb area, but when I get it finished with the Tiger Stripe camo i'm practicing, Myself or Rooster can shoot the hell out of it and see how that milled area holds up.

Aloha Skullboy:

Welcome Aboard the Firing Line! Glad you made it over! Very Cool! Sir.

I think you must already feel at home, eh? :lol:

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.

BTW: Don't forget to make a post when you finsh that project!!! :lol:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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