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Real or fake cartouche?

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This is a pic of a cartouce on a birch M14 stock I'd bought from US Armory.


The stock was pretty much perfect & doesn't look to have ever been sanded or armory refinished in any way.

Just curious to see what you think, is this a real DAS stamp?

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Looks real to me.


There are so many M14 stocks on the market that there is no need to repro cartouches. Garands, Carbines, and 03's are entirely different stories.
Thanks Bill!
I see a place in the Shotgun News is selling the metal stamps "for restoration purposes only" :roll:

btw, they sell the EXACT stamp to repro, er restore the above marking...but, now that I've done a search for "cartouche", I see this has been disgusted :wink: many times before...
there is no need to fake them yet there are fake marked stocks out there. some are even cartouched yet with no selector cut-out. :roll:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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