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finally had time to get to the range with my M1.
cold 18 , light snow, and light wind
the snow cover is still deep here, to much for prone.
just wanted to function test. after installing a new boyds stock set, gas cyl, front sight, op rod spring and follower rod.
i had some korea surplus on clips so shooting was done off hand at 45 yards.
this rifle ate everything and worked perfectly! groups seem to run about 2 to 3 inches, but i must admit i wasnt tring for group, just wanted to run some ammo through it to see if it works. all is good to go !!
when the snow melts and i can get serious, i think it'll be a shooter.

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Glad to hear all turned out well. I'm dyin' to get to the range myself. It's been a long winter. Our range has a long and very steep drive, so as long as there's ice on it, forget it. I have a super match, and a remington VLS which needs to be run though the drills. I can't imagine anything more frustrating than having a rifle for 2 or three months before getting to run it through the paces for the first time. Good news though, tomorrow and friday will be range days for me. I'm going out as soon as it gets above freezing and ain't comin' back till dark. Gotta fire lap the VLS and then it's nothin' but fun,fun,fun.....
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