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Here's my new Ruger SA .41 mag

Weather finally broke today and I got it and it's "big brother - a Marlin 1894 FG in .41 mag - to the range. Had some real fun with my new "shootin' irons".

Put 50 rounds through it to check things out. Used some PMC 210 gr TCSP and some Win. 175 gr Silver Tips. Pleasantly surprised to see that both loads shot to almost an identical POA at 25 yds and the Silver Tips shot exactly where the 6 o'clock sight picture was holding.

Took some getting used to the single-action grip but when I finally figured out how to grip the thing properly - it certainly did it's job well. I'm a "dyed-in-the-wool" double action revolver fan and this is the first large-bore SA I've ever owned so it took some getting used to at first.

With the PMC ammo, it put 3 rounds touching and two just high of the group at 15 yds. With the Silver Tips, 4 rounds cut each other with one "flyer" high and right (Yep - I did that!!!) OK, I cheated. I was using a bench-supported, 2 handed-grip, but was not resting the revolver on anything.

The range was jammed today because of the excellent weather, so I didn't do much target shooting. Shot some rocks, sticks and an old, half-used up pumpkin that someone left there in addition to poking some holes in paper.

When I saw that the weather was so nice, I just put the guns in the truck, loaded my pockets with 110 rounds of ammo and took off. Forgot my ear plugs so I ended up using the old "cigarette filter" trick when I got there and discovered they were still in my shooting bag at home. 8O No, guys - the filters were unused and I did take them off the cigarettes before I used them. :p :D :lol:

Had some bad luck with the lever gun, but I took it back to the gun shop where I bought and they made some adjustments, so it wasn't a real problem. Had no problem shooting head sized rocks in the range backstop with the rifle.

Had a lot of fun and the Ruger and the Marlin are soaking right now, getting ready to go back out tomorrow. Think I'll take my range bag next time. :p :p :p


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Realizing your fondness for the 41mag., I have a story for you.

My Dad was what I would call a large scale share cropper. He had quite a lot of row crops and more than a few momma cows. The two of us would usually tend after the cattle and my older brother would look after the row crops.

Each year my parents would make a long trip to the West after the crops was laid by. One year while he was gone, I used his truck. I had a old 3 screw 41 Ruger and a single six 22. I let my dad keep the 22 in his truck. So while he was gone, I swapped out cause I liked the 41.

One day he returned and swapped trucks back and he left for one of his cattle farms. I forgot to tell him about the handgun swap. You can imagine the rest. He saw a buzzard in the pasture and thought he would take a shot, so he reached for the "22" and with a light grip, fired. The 41 was loaded with stout handloads and he received a knot on the forehead. I was in my early twenties then, but still I was lucky I didn't get whipped.

Those was the good ole days. All of that is gone now.

Joe A.
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