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I shot my set up for the first time yesterday. I had done a quick inletting into the wenig target stock to drop in my socom.

you may have to cut and paste the link

The tray rail took about a hour to install. Now that I have done one I could do it in a 1/2 hour or less.

The troy battle rail and stock alone cut groups down from 6" (5 shots) to under 2". That's dead stock on the action , no glassbeding or national match parts. The gi stock had too much flex and not enough barrel band tension. The front band on the troy battle rail solved most of those problems.

The high comb and the troy battle rail worked perfect , head placemnt was the same for irons ,scope and aimpoint.

It pointed real well , and was fast comeing up. The stock is way oversize and is rough shaped only. Finial shapeing could drop a 1/2 lb or more and make it feel even better/and come up even faster.

It about 11 lbs depending on what sights are mounted.

I will post some photo's when she is done.

I shot about 60 rounds through her before my inletting gave out and I got a shift in poi. Now for the national match stuff (spring guide ,GC shimming, trigger work,and the glass bedding work.

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