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Range Report Jun-05-2004

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Spent the whole morning at Santa Clara County field sports park. Been shooting my IDF M14 and YUGO SKS. (will post pic. later)

Weather: Sunny, partially cloudy, windy
Time: 8:00am-11:30am
Range: 50 yard

<< IDF M14 Part >>
Ammo: Radway Green surplus, South Africa surplus
Just had my front sight re-installed. I decided to improve my skills with iron sight. First 20 rounds were used on zeroing. Then the following shooting is very smooth. The trigger is crispy and flawless. Total 180 rounds were spent. Pictures would be posted later.

For a "non-frequent-shooter" like me, I am pretty satisfied with the grouping. At least, I hit the target.

<< YUGO SKS part >>
Ammo: Wolf 7.62X39 FMJ
This is my first time bringing this rifle to range. I spent a lot of time to clean this rifle before shooting.

In the bench, I load only one round at first, then two rounds, five rounds, finally ten rounds. I am afraid of the situation of slam fire. Thanks God, it never happened to me.

Compare to M14, the feeling of SKS is much more rough and bumpy. I felt the recoil is stronger for SKS. The trigger is kind of heavy and sluggish. And the safety lever was hurting my finger so that I needed to put gloves on. However, the rough feeling is another type of fun. After 200 rounds, I got aching right shoulder. :?

One thing annoying is, when my SKS is cold, the spent cases were easy to jam, especially at the 4th, 5th and 6th round. However, if I shot a little bit faster (about 3~4 seconds a round) and get it hot, the jamming was gone. That's strange.

There was another bad thing. My sling is an all-leather one. The front side of sling is attached to a ring that attached on barrel. The shooting caused barrel very hot, also made the ring very hot. At last, the front side my sling became black and "burned". :cry:

After came home, the cleaning of SKS was a big headache. The gas piston won't come off from gas tube. I used the cleaning rod to push the piston out. Oh-boy, the front surface (surface to gas valve) had very thick and stubborn deposits on it. So had the inside of gas tube. No wonder the piston won't come out! The Nitro-Solvent could not remove the deposits. I used a brass brush to "scratch" the deposits out.

By the way, the SC County Field Sports Park is a great place to shoot. The range fee is $10.00 that includes one free target and free stapler usage. Also the range officers are all very nice and courteous.

sv_sniper out!
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:D sv sniper glad you got some decent Range Time and had Fun! By the way I have never shot or seen an SKS that dident have a Horrible Trigger. :wink:
Aloha SV Sniper:

GREAT! :lol: Now, that is the way to spend a day! I am so envious of all of you who got out this weekend to the range!

Good report! Keep them coming!


Tom O.
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