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Range failure - major FTE

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I drove over an hour to the range today only to have the 3rd round completely lock up in the chamber. I was using Tubb's finishing ammo. I brought my firearm to a gunsmith and he was able to extract the round. It suffered from an LPS (never fired), and the shoulder was too wide which caused it to seize. The tip of the round is also slightly impacted from chambering. I called Tubbs and they want me to send pics.
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Shoot some steel cased tula and then some good ol mil surp. All the polishing you will ever need.
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I see no problem shooting steel cased ammo. The steel used is very soft. Its not like its hardened steel or anything. The amount of money you save can replace the barrel and still give you money left over compared to most brass cased ammo.

I shoot mostly boxer primed ammo because I reload the brass for match grade 175g that my NM Eber loves. But other than that, I shoot cheap mil surplus such as hirtenberger and dag. If its not that then its hirtenberger.

My workhorse Polytech M14S has shot a few 1.50 moa groups with tula. My scout also loves it.

And also my mini 14's chug the crap out of tula.
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