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Range Day with the M1

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In an unusual twist, the weatherman nailed the forecast. 3 hours of sun around noon, followed by snow. I made it to the range at the perfect time to shoot the match M1 a little. Weather has been crap for over a month so I’ve only been dry firing, making today very enjoyable for live fire. Actually shot well. I’m always surprised at the velocity SD for 308 compared to my 223 loads. 308 is always better.

10 rounds offhand with two yips into the 8 ring, but otherwise good
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My best sitting group from an enbloc
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Good couple of hours outside!
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Gotta love the M1! I started in HP with a Korean return with a new barrel ( on my nickel ) and did pretty well with it. After shooting enuf matches I qualified for the DCM Garand and got a real nice H&R with what appeared to be a new SA barrel.
I did a little match tuning on it and won the local M1 match at Kenmore in the Service Class, ( before match tuning ) and beat the Match class guns as well.

Later when I went to the M1A I used the H&R mostly for prone matches at Plantation and Machias and did well with it there too. Those were fun shoots.

Still have that DCM gun, I wont ever sell it.
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