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Randall Attack/Survival

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How did I end up on the top of the toy box when I hadn't made it to the bottom yet?

When I had this custom made in the early 80s I had them do the longest blade & longest handle that they would do.
This guy stays on my MBR belt.

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It's a Model 14 with a Sawtooth Blade..similar to the Model 18, but 18's are ONLY available with the hollow, survival style handle.
Model 18's are NOT available with anything other than a straight brass handguards, though some RARE ones came with stainless steel. My Model 14 has Nickle Silver Handguards.
Confusing things even more, the Model 16 Dive Knife also comes with an optional Sawooth Blade and Black Micarta Handle that looks almost identical to the Sawtooth 14. But the blade is slightly narrower, and next to each other, they look like twins.

Whatever you choose, they are investments and will serve you for a lifetime and be passed down to your kids.

Model 17 Astro, Flight Certified by Nasa, designed with the help of the Mercury Astronauts.
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