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Rainy, Windy day range report

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Took the tool to the range today (loaded SA SS Synth - it's only 260 rounds old)...made sure it was sighted in properly at 25M, then took the target out to 100M. In rain with 15 mph gusts, posted a 1.75" 6-shot group (planned on 2, 3-shot groups, but target did not make such an option) with Federal 175g match ammo with std apeture sights. I am very pleased with the tool and myself.

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quigley said:
I am very pleased with the tool and myself.
As you should be. :-D
I am very pleased with the tool and myself
As you should be... sounds like mighty fine shooting to me! :lol: Rain and wind, eh? That's dedication!


Tom O.
That's some fine shootin'. Congrats!! :D
Supposed to storm this afternoon in Southern Indiana, might have to go the range to see if that weather will tighten my groups up :D

Good shooting!

hey, thomjb where in so. indiana do you go shooting?
Near Evansville, SW Indiana
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