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Radway Green ammo

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been shooting some surplus RG while waiting on components to load my own; does anyone know if it's corrosive or not? Thanks, Taz
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Not corrosive.

Assuming you mean 7.62mm NATO and not 1914 vintage .303.

-- Chuck
RG will do sub minute groups in my Remington PSS/LTR. Great ammo.
I had a can (linked 200 rds) of RG last year. They were really great. As I remembered, they were tarnished, but not visible corrosive.

It's difficult to get RG ammos. Where can I get some? :roll:
One of the most accurate and reliable 7.62 NATO surplus ammos I have shot! Definitely not corrosive.

Read an article in 'Precision Shooting' magazine a few months ago about it. One of the writers was making some match loads with it by pulling the bullets and replacing them with Sierra 168 grain HP. He wrote that the weight uniformity of the brass was better than new Federal Gold Medal Match .308 brass!

Two other good British 7.62 NATO surplus ammos are Kynoch and OFN. They are just as good as the Radway Green from my experience with them.
Hirtenberger is on my good list as is German DAG.
The DAG and Radway are the best in my rifles.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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