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Quick load question, 41.2gr 3031, 168 hpbt

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Can someone with quick load run a quicky for me? Socom M1A, LC case, 34 primer. 2.8 oal, 41.2gr imr3031 under a 168gr sierra hpbt.

This load shoots terrific in my new 308AR (better than FGMM), adjustable gas block. 16" barrel. Comes up only 30fps shy of FGMM in the same gun. I have 42gr of 3031 listed as max in 2 different places, Lyman and IMR.

Whats the possibility of this being ok to run in the SOCOM?
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My Dad say's, getting old isn't for the weak...

LOL - your dad is correct. Every day is a good day. I have never seen one I wanted to miss. :) :)
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I don't have any 3031 here but did find a can of 4064 with a $10.00 tag on it...
Still good?
I don't have any 3031 here but did find a can of 4064 with a $10.00 tag on it...
Still good?
If it passes the smell test 42.grs under a 168/175 COAL 2.82 in a LC case is the gold standard. If it fails the smell test and you will know that rancid smell, off too the flower bed.
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I might also add something my daddy told me, "a slow hit is better than a fast miss"....
I don't think theres any missing with this rifle. Proving to be quite the shooter with the JP barrel. Recently tried 40.8 of 3031 with a 168 Amax which matched FGMM velocity and shot a 1/4" (4 shot) and 3/8" (7 shot) group at 50 yds off of an old diaper box in a hurry in the rain.

After next weeks race (ATV) I'll get back the shooting again and see how both the Amax and Sierra do at 100 and 200 yds. Will see how they shoot in the SOCOM as well.
QuickLoad Question on powder tables

been trying more features on QL messing around with the powder table feature It does not want to work. I enter my data and this is what spits out and ends with no powder found?


Cartridge : .30-06 Spring. (SAAMI)
Bullet : .308, 155.5, Berger FullBTHP #30416
Useable Case Capaci: 61.478 grain H2O = 3.992 cm³
Cartridge O.A.L. L6: 3.340 inch = 84.84 mm
Barrel Length : 24.0 inch = 609.6 mm

Predicted Data for Indicated Charges of the Following Powders.
Matching Maximum Pressure: 52500 psi, or 361 MPa
These calculations refer to your specified settings in QuickLOAD 'Cartridge Dimensions' window.
C A U T I O N : any load listed can result in a powder charge that falls below minimum suggested
loads or exceeds maximum suggested loads as presented in current handloading manuals. Understand
that all of the listed powders can be unsuitable for the given combination of cartridge, bullet
and gun. Actual load order can vary, depending upon lot-to-lot powder and component variations.

10 loads produced a Loading Ratio below user-defined minimum of 90%. These powders have been skipped.
Powder type Filling/Loading Ratio Charge Charge Vel. Prop.Burnt P max P muzz B_Time
% Grains Gramm fps % psi psi ms
--------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
No powder found in specified range ...
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Be aware that GI cases have a different capacity than commercial brass. I think it is more brass in the GI to handle machine gun usage? BUT the difference in cases can push pressures to the limit

I'd have to dig for my notes, there seems to be two weight classes. USGI brass is all one weight (more weight, less volume), anything else you'll want to weigh some samples.

Ok, this is important enough to get my pasty white ass out of the office chair. My never-adequate-notes say Fiocchi brass about 179 gr avg of 12 pcs, Win brass 159 gr. About one whole grain of 4895 difference between two commercial brands.

Each brand had about a 2 gr range. I've never been anal enough to sort and reject the extremes, but I bet class F shooters do. And I'll bet Lapua is tightest....
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