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Quick load question, 41.2gr 3031, 168 hpbt

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Can someone with quick load run a quicky for me? Socom M1A, LC case, 34 primer. 2.8 oal, 41.2gr imr3031 under a 168gr sierra hpbt.

This load shoots terrific in my new 308AR (better than FGMM), adjustable gas block. 16" barrel. Comes up only 30fps shy of FGMM in the same gun. I have 42gr of 3031 listed as max in 2 different places, Lyman and IMR.

Whats the possibility of this being ok to run in the SOCOM?
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The famed Marine team load for 200/300 was 39.0 of 3031 w/ a 168SMK. (Loaded by Federal) Later became GMM.
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