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Quick load question, 41.2gr 3031, 168 hpbt

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Can someone with quick load run a quicky for me? Socom M1A, LC case, 34 primer. 2.8 oal, 41.2gr imr3031 under a 168gr sierra hpbt.

This load shoots terrific in my new 308AR (better than FGMM), adjustable gas block. 16" barrel. Comes up only 30fps shy of FGMM in the same gun. I have 42gr of 3031 listed as max in 2 different places, Lyman and IMR.

Whats the possibility of this being ok to run in the SOCOM?
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I was thinking I was in the clear with this load, as a previous load taking up much more case capacity with a 165 gmx showed pressure was surely high with the primers edges beginning to flatten out, that was with 39.5g of 3031.

With this load of 41.2, the primers, other than having a firing pin dent, look like they were just pressed in. Brand new looking.

The velocity with the 39.5 load of sierra 168s was only an avg of 2350. Fgmm averaged 2466. With the 41.2 Im at an avg of 2437.
It's fine. QL says 52,212psi. 1.144ms Barrel time which is close to an OBT node. About 9700psi at the gas port. 2644fps

Thank you.

What is does obt node mean?
Optimum barrel time.
Google Long Family OBT.
I just did, and Im afraid to read any further. I can get a little obsessed with things when it comes to perfection in mechanics, engineering etc. I spend enough time as it is now in the garage and down stairs at the bench.
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I might also add something my daddy told me, "a slow hit is better than a fast miss"....
I don't think theres any missing with this rifle. Proving to be quite the shooter with the JP barrel. Recently tried 40.8 of 3031 with a 168 Amax which matched FGMM velocity and shot a 1/4" (4 shot) and 3/8" (7 shot) group at 50 yds off of an old diaper box in a hurry in the rain.

After next weeks race (ATV) I'll get back the shooting again and see how both the Amax and Sierra do at 100 and 200 yds. Will see how they shoot in the SOCOM as well.
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