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Question regarding JRA M21DMR 19.25

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I have had this rifle for awhile and either I am very dumb or just do not know what I am doing. With the irons I can't get this rifle to shoot lower than 6 inches high at 100yds with the rear aperture bottomed out. Should a shorter barrel (19.25in) require a taller front sight or should it shoot normally with a standard height front sight? I am almost positive the front on this one is standard height.

Also, it is the M21 model with the integrated scope rail. It is great except I have struggled ever since I put a scope on it with the eye relief. I have thought it was just me but the rail is mounted so far forward on this rifle that I really strain to get a proper view through my scope and it really doesn't matter what scope I put on it. The only way I have found to do it is mount a cantilevered mount backwards which is not correct at all and drives me crazy.

Any thoughts or ideas on this before I decide to sell this thing?
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So, if H&R came out with this 19.25 in barrel length even as a prototype then what proper height should the front sight be/did they use? I mean it is longer than a scout or bush or tanker rifle but shorter than standard. I would think that it would make a difference for optimal rear aperture adjustment? No?
My Scout has a .062 NM front sight.
My Scout has a .062 NM front sight.
Opps, Senior moment.

Front sight is .580" measured from the base.
Ok, now I am confused again. You are saying that your scout's front sight measure's .580"? Is that the correct height for a scout length barrel? Or is that a standard sight height? I apologize in advance for my ignorance.
That is the height of the front sight that came on my 2012 Scout.

Is it the correct height? Don't know.

I can only assume it is correct as I have no issues with getting the rifle zeroed using the instructions that came with the rifle.
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