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Question regarding JRA M21DMR 19.25

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I have had this rifle for awhile and either I am very dumb or just do not know what I am doing. With the irons I can't get this rifle to shoot lower than 6 inches high at 100yds with the rear aperture bottomed out. Should a shorter barrel (19.25in) require a taller front sight or should it shoot normally with a standard height front sight? I am almost positive the front on this one is standard height.

Also, it is the M21 model with the integrated scope rail. It is great except I have struggled ever since I put a scope on it with the eye relief. I have thought it was just me but the rail is mounted so far forward on this rifle that I really strain to get a proper view through my scope and it really doesn't matter what scope I put on it. The only way I have found to do it is mount a cantilevered mount backwards which is not correct at all and drives me crazy.

Any thoughts or ideas on this before I decide to sell this thing?
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FYI, the LRB tall sight is the standard GI width.

If you want the thinner 0.062" National Match width tall front sight, you have to call Springfield Armory for one.

I'm surprised nobody else makes them.

On the scope issue, can you attach a picture so we can see what your setup looks like?
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