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Question re: USMC CDC and PWS relationship

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I'm doing research for the book M14 Rifle History and Development. I understand that the M14 DMR used by the Marines is built at the Precision Weapons Shop at MCB Quantico. Is the Marine Corps Combat Development Command the parent command for the Precision Weapons Shop? I already checked the web site for MCB Quantico and did not find anything.


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Lee, When I get bck home tonight I will look up the e-mail address of a USMC Sgt. that I know who has an issued DMR. he's Marine Force Recon and an instructor. Hopefully he will be able to answer some questions for you. He will be leaving in mid-Dec for the sandbox. He'll be taking the DMR with him.

I will also check my DMR TM and see if there is any other informtion you might need. If there is I'll PM you with it.
Thank you, Hawk! 8)
according to TM 02468C-24&P/2,

This weapon is Rifle, 7.62MM, M14 DMR, modified by the Precision Weapons Shop (PWS), Weapons Training Battalion, Marine Corps Development Center, 27211 Garand Road, Quantico, VA 22134-5036

further info....

All rifles will be proof fired, and will be required to withstand one pressure test round and thirty normal rounds of M118 ammunition. Upon successful completion of the proof and function test, the accuracy test will be conducted in accordance with the requirements in section three of the checklist. Maximum overall group size will be no greater than 3 x 3 inches at 300 meters.

The proof stamp will be 1/16 inch letters and numbers and in location and manner depicted below. The proof stamping will be completely visible on the barrel when the bolt is locked to the rear.


PWS = Precision Weapons Section
P = proof fired
MO/YR = month and year of proof fire

( illustration show markings just ahead of the handguard clip slot on the right side of the barrel )

HTH Hawk
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Hawk, that is awesome. Thanks a bunch! 8)
a tad more from the same TM.... :D

The DMR is a precision-grade, semi-automatic 7.62-mm NATO rifle. Some of the users of this weapon system are the Designated Marksmen of Security Forces, Special Reaction Teams of the Provost Marshall's Office, and the Explosive Ordnance Disposal personnel. The DMR enables the user to deliver acurate, semi-automatic fire against multiple targets at greater ranges and with greater lethality than the M16A2.
Got it! 8)
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