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Question on USGI O-M M14 Magazine NIW

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These NIW Olin-Mathieson M14 magazines have been showing up in the market for the last year or so. I bought one and snapped a photograph of it while still unopened. Could you take a look at the linked photograph? The back side of the package says RAP INDUSTRIES, INC. FR 2160 SEPT 1970 S12 Is this the original packaging or a rewrap? If it is original, I suppose M14 magazines were made in September, 1970.

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Yes Different I have been seeing them too. If you notice the OMINC in the contract number, that is one of the only contracts I have ever seen with the maker's identity in it. It is original contract, not a repack.

What is also interesting is the B053. That is the old Standard Nomenclature Listing (SNL) for the M14. I have seen it on a lot of early 1960's contracts but was surprised when I saw it on the contract from 1970.

As far as when they were made, that is hard to say. The marking on the magazine shows it was packed in Feb 1971. This type of raw material for the wrapper has a long shelf life. The bag was probably made shortly before packing.
FYI for the folks wondering about the high mark "W" M14 magazines. I just opened the package described above. Inside is one very sweet looking Parkerized M14 magazine. There is a "W" 1/16 " in size at 1 1/4 " above the floor plate. This is the real deal Winchester M14 magazine. 8)
Is your marking the high mark or the low mark?
From what I've read, I have the high mark W. I don't own any other "W" marked M14 magazines but I do have "OM" marked magazines.
Maybe somebody can post a picture of the two different markings. I will ask on the forum.
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