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Question on Mags

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I'm new to the M1A world and was wondering if someon could tell me what kind of mags I have. I traded into a Springfield Loaded rifle package and have been looking on the site about mags. I could not find any info for two of the mags I have that came in the deal. They are marked with the LEO restriction are made out of metal and look just like a USGI mag and finish is the same as USGI. They have a slot cut in the front of the mag on the left side in a u shape. One of the cuts runs straight up and down and the other is slightly diagonal. I was wondering if they are Sprinfield Armory Mags that were produced during the ban or something else.Any info would be greatly appreciated. I wish I had a digital camera I would post a picture.

Also what is a GP Maes Jacket worth and a Freelands sooters mit worth. Jacket is in the picture below.

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