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Question: Browning Buckmark Challenger

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Just a curious question, . . . I recently picked up a Buckmark Challenger that is really nice, got it for what I thought was a fair price ($300).

Saw one on another site, . . . guy wanted $550 for it.

Anybody know any reason other than it is (and his IS !!!! ) a really nice old gun, . . . that the price variance should be there??

I'm wondering if there was any special shooting ability, . . . trigger, . . . accuracy, . . . or whatever.

Any info will be appreciated.

May God bless,
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Browning made the Medalist/Challenger/Nomad line of .22LR pistols from 1961 to 1974. The Medalist was an OOB target pistol with all steel construction, barrel lengths of 6 1/2" to 8"+ iirc. The Challenger line was similar to the Medalist line, but not as finely finished in finish and trigger work. The Nomad was the "economy" version with 4.5, 6.5 and 8" barrel's, plastic grips and in later years an alloy frame. Barrel's were "quick change" using a single screw, and front and rear sights were part of the barrel assembly. All barrel's/sights and grips were interchangeable throughout the models. Magazines held 10 rounds and used the European"Heel" type release. All models were considered very reliable, dependable and accurate, even the Nomads. Triggers were smooth on take-up and broke cleanly around 3-4 pounds. The Medalists were available with adjustable triggers that were gold-plated as were the earlier Challengers. Originally made by FN/Browning in Belgium, the later models were made in the US. They were Browning's response to Colt's Woodsman and were almost direct copies. Both were designed by John Browning's grandson, James.
The Medalists/Challengers/Nomads are sought out by Browning collectors and shooters that enjoy "Old World" quality and workmanship. They are good "investment while shooting" guns and will last for many generations of shooting.
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