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Question: Browning Buckmark Challenger

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Just a curious question, . . . I recently picked up a Buckmark Challenger that is really nice, got it for what I thought was a fair price ($300).

Saw one on another site, . . . guy wanted $550 for it.

Anybody know any reason other than it is (and his IS !!!! ) a really nice old gun, . . . that the price variance should be there??

I'm wondering if there was any special shooting ability, . . . trigger, . . . accuracy, . . . or whatever.

Any info will be appreciated.

May God bless,
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Mine is a USA product.

It'll out shoot me, far more accurate than I can ever take advantage of.

I also have a little black one (both have the flat sided barrels), . . . that I would never think twice on carrying if my 1911's were all disabled or something.

A friend asked me one time how I would use it, . . . and I figure 9 or 10 .22 LR's in a guys face, . . . he may not be very antagonistic at that point.

This one has a longer barrel, . . . would be a bit more to carry, . . . but not as bad as my Buckmark Silhouette shooter. It's the one that takes all the marbles for accuracy.

May God bless,
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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