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Question about ordering from Hawk via Paypal

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Hi. I don't want to bug you, Hawk, and I know you said to give it about 4 weeks after the order is placed, but I paypaled the money for one of the #FDS-S-std kits and was curious if I needed to do anything else to get my order for one in or not. Do I need to anything else like e-mail, or post here, or call, or what to confirm my order? Or do you e-mail to let your customers know you got the order? I just want to make sure it was received OK and in the works. Thanks.
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Paypal usually gives you a receipt that the money was sent and deducted from your account. I usually don't send an acknowlegement because of that receipt.

Please PM me with your name and the e-mail address you used so that I can look it up for you.
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