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I am new here. I've had a SOCOM for many years and think its time to start making additions to it.

I've looked thru the threads on this topic but didnt find an exact match.
I need advice on attaching a 3 point sling to both a SOCOM 16 and M1a Scout.

I want a configuration similar to RAMMAC found in this thread.
RAMMAC has a good idea there.

The difference is I have a Aimpoint mounted and do not want to spend another $200 for the Ultmak rail. RMMAC has a sling mount on the top rail which I think would interfere with the Aimpoint.

Yes I have seen the 3point sling at Specter Gear. I just wonder if it will keep the rifle in a horizontal position without twisting.
Does one need to purchase a mount having the sling on the side of the stock or barrel rather have using the bottom side sling?

I am wanting a sling that will keep the rifle in the ready position at all times. The 3 point sling looks as though it has the capability to do so.

Has anyone purchased a 3 point sling from CDT or SG? Are there any good ones to be found there?

Thank you
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