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PTR HK 91 clone

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The JLD PTR 91 sporter rifle just arrived at the shop Friday. It is everything a CETME was supposed to be in terms of an affordable alternative to the evil (CLINTONEESE) preban HK. In my opinion rivals or surpass' a HK 91 as JLD has taken the orginal HK 91 and improved on it in terms details important to the shooter. Attention to fit and finish very very high - aircraft level welds - rear French adjustable sight - heavy receiver. Coating finish is smooth - looks great - and feels nice to the touch (non metallic sticky). The action is stiff to operate but cycles smoothly. The receiver is JLD's own and is heavier than CETME's which gives one great confidence. The problem is we are in the middle of an unusual storm pattern and it has been raining - snowing for 3 days and forcasted to do so for the rest of the week. This means all I can do is clean it and wish I could get out to shoot it. The rifle comes with a mid contour target barrel of 18" and is supposed to shoot with less recoil than the HK. I will update after I have a chance to shoot it. For now I think it is a guarded seceret that should be shared - at under $800 if it shoots straight it is a great value.
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Sounds great :p I was thinking of investing in one myself.
Steve - FWIW - I think the PTR 91 is a very good investment. You are getting an improved HK91 at a bargain price (for an HK). After reading Boston's book and my experience with Century and Hesse CETME's I was a bit leary of the PTR 91's. However I can report my friends and I put 100 rounds of mixed brand / weight ammo through the PTR 91 and it functioned without problem with all of them from shot one with both alm. and steel HK mags. Everyone at the range was impressed with the quality of the rifle - welds, ergonomics, finish and sights. As a testimony - this past Tuesday a regular customer was taking delivery of his CAI CETME and after he spied the PTR 91 on the wall rack and ended up walking out of the store with "my" shop PTR at more than twice the price of the CETME. For $700 ish plus shipping they are a great bargain. Mags are inexpensive for factory HK in both alm. and steel. There are also collapsable stock and bipod options available that I have ordered in for testing as well as green and wood furniture. We have ordered more rifles for stock and are going to dedicate an area in shop for HK and clones accessories and equipment as I believe the quality and affordability of the PTR line is going to stimulate 30 cal. interest for several of our customers. Sorry - I am beginning to sound like a public relations pimp for the PTR guys. I will mount a scope on one as soon as the new orders come in and will give an update on accuracy.
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