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Product improvement idea

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Hello, I've had a m14sa built on a LRB receiver for a few years now (one of the ones with the dot matrix serial, so probably one of the prototypes). I have nothing but good things to say about it and by extension LRB.

I just recently bought a m25 receiver with the integrated short rail and plan to build a rifle on it soon. I just wanted to make the recommendation that you consider creating a "Deep Channel" short rail that allows the use of Iron sights with an optic mounted. This has been the trend on some of the newer optics rails and it really doesn't elevate the optic height much at all. To be frank, most people setup their optic to just barely clear the rear sight using scope ring height anyway. So the additional rail height is negligible considering the additional functionality of being able to use the irons while an optic is mounted.

Bula has a deep channel rail on their M21 receiver that allows Irons use when an optic is mounted. However when it came time to buy I genuinely preferred to buy LRB as I've had such a greatly positive experience with your products before (not to discount Bula, I've bought several parts from them for this build but for the receiver I just trust LRB more).

I'm willing to spend a few hundred bucks or more if you need an incentive to prototype a short rail with optics channel for the m25 receiver. I genuinely think that this is a product improvement that can help to make you more competitive and fills a genuine niche in the evolving m14 marketspace.

Thank you for hearing me out.
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Thanks for getting back to me. I think your logic is pretty sound. However I will add that it seems like it's oriented towards more traditional setups. With something like an LPVO with a very large size difference between the ocular and the main tube of the optic I think there definitely would be the ability to mount the optic with the ocular darn near touching the rear sight but enough distance between the main tube and the rail that you could get away with a taller rail with channel and lower rings to balance out to the same general height while still allowing use of a channel.

That might be too much of a niche to be marketable though.
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