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problems reloading for the M1 carbine

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Well, I am loading 115 grn. lead bullets with 14 grn. of H110. Everything is trimmed right and seating depth is .020 under C.O.L. Win small rifle primer, L.C. once fired brass.
I am using RCBS three die set and is a roll crimp die rather than the preferred taper die. My problem is light primer strikes nine out of ten times. I jsut can't figure out wha tis the problem. I have two carbines and it is doing this in both. So I think I can eliminate the gun factor.

Could this be a head space problem due to too much crimp?
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Thanks for the many replies. I agree, head space and crimp is the issue. I'll try something new tomorrow and get it straightened out.
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Well, thanks to every ones help I have my problem fixed. It appears it was in the crimp. My dies is a roll taper and I was putting a little too much crimp in it. Now I have my die adjusted to just barely touch and crimp. I put two magazines full through it and it functioned fine.

14.5 grns. of H110 and a 115 grn. cast bullet seemed to shoot just fine.

Since this is my first experience loading for the carbine, any further comments would be appreciated. Thanks again.
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I only loaded 120 rounds at that weight. Not having a chrono and not being familiar with loading for carbines, I guess I foolishly took the wrong advice on that load.
I agree that a thorough cleaning is the first thing to do if the carbine has light firing pin strikes with factory ammunition. If the carbine shows light firing pin strikes with reloads, I fire factory ammunition to rule in or rule out an ammunition problem.
Correct, and this is what I did to check out the problem I was experiencing, and I also tried my reloads in my second carbine. There were light strikes with both of them - hence - it was the reloads.

Again, I want to thank all who contributed to the solution of my problem.
What brass are you using?
Both W.C.C. and L.C.
It is always recommended that one uses Magnum primers with H110.
I haven't run across that bit of information as yet in my searches of loads for these little carbines. Can you provide a link or a source?
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