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problems reloading for the M1 carbine

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Well, I am loading 115 grn. lead bullets with 14 grn. of H110. Everything is trimmed right and seating depth is .020 under C.O.L. Win small rifle primer, L.C. once fired brass.
I am using RCBS three die set and is a roll crimp die rather than the preferred taper die. My problem is light primer strikes nine out of ten times. I jsut can't figure out wha tis the problem. I have two carbines and it is doing this in both. So I think I can eliminate the gun factor.

Could this be a head space problem due to too much crimp?
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I'm about to start reloading for the Lil carbine, dont even have dies yet but thanks for the question.
How picky is the 30 carbine on case length then?
Nah I've just got a Saginaw carbine, and I'm putting off getting the conversion kit for the Dillon and the dies and components because I've still got a bunch of factory ammo for it, but it's disappearing at an alarming rate.
1 - 3 of 47 Posts
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