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Problem installing NM rear sight set from FA

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My problem is two fold. When I bought my M1A scout it already had a NM front sight but had a standard rear sight . I bought a NM rear sight set from fultons and the sight aperature won't slide into the cutouts at all.

Also bought a cartridge clip guide and pin and they won't fit on the reciever ( too tight).

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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the NM aperature needs to be fitted to the base.

the clip guide and pin can be tough. get some lube on the stol and on the guide. and start it in. you'll have to drift it in with a brass hammer or usign a wood block the clip need sto be installed left to right IIRC. keep going until the pin hole is perfecly lined up. then insert the roll pin.
Thanks for the info. I'll do my best not to break anything.
Aloha Plt. Sgt:

If the aperture is too large (oversized) that is actually a good thing (IMHO)! This way it can be fitted "exactly" to fit! When things are loose and sloppy, then it has to be peen/punched, etc... but with the aperture oversized, you are working your way down... which I think is a better situation or maybe preferred.

The two tools that you will need are files and stones. The files to cut the side rails ever so slightly until the aperture just barely fits, then I would stone for final fit. This should assure you in having a very tight fit and no slop or play in the aperture.

The clip guide is the same thing. File and stone it to fit.

Be patient and take your time, and it will produce a perfect fit!

Most custom 1911 start their life out oversized to produce that custom "tight" fit.

Some have used belt sanders and grinders and that will certainly shorten the fitting process however, great care needs to be exercised to not over cut...

So the only thing I can suggest is to have patience and take your time... the end result will be worth it.


Tom O.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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