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Prestine Heel Stamped Polytech

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I have been trying to find the somewhat rare but becoming more rare "Rear Heel Stamped Polytech" I ran into a decent deal for what I thought was a moderately used heel stamped Polytech M14S. To my surprise the barrel is in unfired condition as well as everything else. The bolt face didn't even have a ring around the firing pin. So long story short I snagged the rifle ASAP. It has a USGI synthetic stock on it and a neutered flash hider that I am not sure are original to the rifle. It did come with a 30 or 40 round magazine (it is huge) that I will probably throw on PX. It also came with a USGI cleaning kit in the butt of the rifle. The beginning of the year seems to be the best time to shop. This is hands down the best looking Chinese M14 I have ever seen. And my 8th M14 of my collection sitting rightfully next to my other Poly and my heel stamped Norinco. M14 #9 is already in the works and will be my first personally built rifle. Looking like a good start to the year for me.

Dont mind the grease it has been cleaned up. It was somewhat excessively slathered on.

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I knew it, I knew it. How long ago was it that you said you had your "last" rifle?? Weak, weak. Just no will power. Some one waves a really nice rifle under your nose and you jump at like a bass after a dry fly. Good score and another one joins the harem.
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