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Very nice Brian, glad you are back into this hobby. A 10-40 barrel is rare, only Bubba seemed to have that stuff... That is a very challenging restoration, so good luck with it.

Digressing somewhat, but back in 2012 I called the South Store to ask if they had any CMP Specials in 308W with a 5-digit serial number, and they had one, so I was able to purchase it. It's serial # 81449 (Nov 1940). It was for informal shooting, etc. Fast forward three years later and in 2015 and I spotted for sale on the CMP forum an unused CMP Special in 308W with an 81888 serial number, so it was only 439 digits apart from my rifle. I decided to buy it as future 'matching' gifts for my two sons. Just for the heck of it, to give it some late 1940 details, I did put some early sight covers, early milled rear HG clips on them, round clip latch releases, and a couple of early "SA-1" trigger guards on these M1s.
Trigger Gun accessory Air gun Metal Bullet

What's nice is these receiver's are both what I call 'grade A' condition with no pitting or blemishes.

Anyhow, welcome back, and what stock are you going to use for your 79k restoration? That's a neat project for sure. Keep us posted.
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