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Pre-ban price

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I no longer shoot highpower, so I've decided to put my M1A on auction. Before I do this I thought I should get your opinion on an asking price since this is not an off the shelf rifle, it was built for me at camp Lejeune by a match armour (2112) named Phil Cusperson.
M1A ser # 011851
Rear lugged
Bolt 7790186 over 66118-DD
Sight base NM/2A-
Windage NM BME
Sight 595
Trigger Housing 7267030-HR-N
Hammer TRW 554600
Heavy duty op-rod spring guide
Op-rod 7267064 HRA
BBL USMC 4 GR 1 12 7 62MM 10 89
Heavy laminated glassed stock

also lots of spare TRW parts. Plus two full cans (460 rounds in 20 round boxes) of MATCH M852 (total of 920 rounds).