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Every year , I see more and more cheap guady merchandise , mostly forgien made , emblazened with the POW-MIA logo. I see people selling this stuff at flea markets , bike events , car shows , etc. They're wearing the logo over every square inch of their body. Hats , berets , t-shirts , vests , patches , pins , stickers , necklaces , earrings , etc. It seems to have become a misguided fashion statement.

As a vet , I do believe strongly in keeping their memory alive and hope for an accounting one day for all the families.

But I think the sales of all these tacky trinkets has become downright disrespectful. Mostly by the non-vet organizations and vendors that are selling it.
The money just goes in their pockets. No one can say how the profits help further the cause.
I rode in the first few motorcycle runs to the Wall , but stopped because it became more of a motorcycle show , and commercialized circus. Some of these 'organizations' are mostly non-vets , who ironically are the ones who are doing most of the selling.
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