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It sounds like you haven't really 'talked price' with the POTENTIAL buyer.
Sure, he might be interested in buying, but perhaps only at a good price for him.
Don't count chickens ........

If you'd use the money just to buy another rifle, then the goal is to get the most money from the sale. And don't forget FFL registration, sales tax, shipping, etc.

In many cases, doing someone a favor by selling at a bargain price ends-up feeling unrewarding. They enjoy HAVING the item, but don't realize what it meant TO YOU.

Jay Kosta
Endwell NY USA
Well said Jay, and good advice not only to the OP but to everyone.
I have been in a similar situation where a close friend drooled over a particular rifle and begged to buy it until you tell them what you would have to have for it. A lot of people think these "ol' military type" rifles are not worth nearly as much as that new shinny model down at the corner store.......

If you want to sell, set a realistic value that you are happy with and let your buyer decide....
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