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post your revolvers here

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Revolvers only. Pics of pistols will be deleted.
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Good ol' grandad.

This old S&W was passed down through my grandfather to me. It is the one I know the least about. Not sure how old it is. Don't know what frame style it is. If I'm not mistaken it was the military/police of it's day. Any of you wiser fellows out there feel free to educate me.

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Ruger Single-six 22LR/22WMR

Ruger Blackhark 45LC/45ACP

S&W 686 Power-Port 357Mag

S&W Model 10. NYPD Service revolver in 38SPL
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Here you go...

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Here you go.

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I don't own any handguns, but these look pretty:

Colt Model 1917 delivered to U.S. Army June 1918:

Colt Officers Model 38 (1937)

Model 357 (1959 - same as me)

Officers Model Match (1960)

Model 25 (1976)

Model 624 w/ 3" barrel

A nearly perfect revolver: Model 66-4 with 3" barrel

I gave that Model 66-4 to my daughter for her birthday last year. Missed it so much that I had to find another. I really like these Hogue "Bantam" grips:


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Those are some fine wheelguns gentlemen. Here's my S&W 29-2:


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Some VERY NICE Revolvers here folks….
I've shot a lot of different make Revolvers over the years, but I only own Rugers
My Wheelgun collection is very easy to catalog:
Ruger 3.0” SP101 .327 Fed Mag, S/S (2008)
Ruger 4.0” SP101 .22 Win Mag (yes 22WMR), S/S (1995)
Ruger 5.5” Redhawk .357 Mag, S/S (1984)
Ruger 5.5” Redhawk .44 Mag, S/S (1984)
Ruger 5.5” Super Single Six .22 Mag w/ .22lr Cylinder, Blue (1965 “3S”)
Ruger 6.5” Blackhawk Convertible .357 Mag w/ 9mm Cylinder, Blue (1972 “3S”)
Ruger 7.5” Super Blackhawk .44 Mag, Blue (1970 “3S”)
And six of them share one (very heavy) case
The top level of the Ruger Case has the Stainless Double Actions (less the .327 FM)

The bottom level holds the Hoglegs

And here's the SP101 in .327 FM

The first Firearm I ever purchased personally was that Three Screw Ruger .357 Blackhawk Convertible as a Graduation Present to myself, back in 1973

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A picture of my S & W 625 Jerry Miculek (.45 cal.) revolver, sometimes I use this as my carry. DI5

This is my revolver... Champion Series - Jerry Miculek

• “Mi
Purple Violet Red Revolver Gas
culek Style” .265” Wide Grooved Speed Trigger
• “Jerry Miculek” Wood Grip (large)
• Gold Bead Patridge Front Sight on an Interchangeable Base
• Low Reflection Bead Blast Finish
• Designed in Collaboration with Jerry Miculek

Model: 625 JM
.Caliber: .45 ACP
.Capacity: 6 Rounds
.Barrel Length: 4" / 10.2 cm
.Front Sight: Gold Bead Patridge
.Rear Sight: Adjustable
.Grip: Jerry Miculek Wood
.Action: Single/Double Action
.Frame Size: Large - Exposed Hammer
.Finish: Matte Stainless
.Overall Length: 9.38" / 23.8 cm
Stainless Steel Frame
Stainless Steel Cylinder
.Weight Empty: 40.3 oz / 1,142.5 g
Home Protection

By Sigger.... [ame="[MEDIA=youtube]lLk1v5bSFPw[/MEDIA]"]You Tube[/ame]

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