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Possible to dye a Green cotton sling?

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Forgive my ignorance, but I have an extra green web sling. I'm trying to find one in black to match my dark and evil rifle setup. I like the ease of adjustment on the USGI style cotton sling, but want a black one. Are these available from a source that you guys might know of? Could I dye one black? Just wanting to get some input. If these USGI style slings are out there in black could someone let me know where to look on the web?

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Aloha W30Olds,

I would think dying the original slings black should work! But for the "evil black gun" if you want a 1.25" sling, you can check with Cheaperthandirt, I think that is where I got mine.

They have metal loops on both ends instead of having the metal clip at one end like the USGI M14 type slings. Overall, the sling is nice and functional.

So you have two choices depending on which way you want to go.


Tom O.
W30Olds Fulton Armory has them in black, I have a couple and
they are GI identical.
Cheaper Than Dirt has black cotton for sale
Thanks fellas! I'll look at CTD and Fulton Armory. :D
Once tried to dye OD BDU's black (ROTC thang) They didn't come out black but a really cool dark OD. Used Rit Dye.

Made me do a Big Shoe Dance :lol: :lol: :lol: :oops: :roll:
I ordered one from Fulton Armory today. It's the cotton style like the USGI I have, but in black. Thanks for the info guys!!!
Black sling

I saw an add in Shotgun News and got a uSGI black nylon sling with the hook and clasp keeper like the Nam web type for about $10. Identical to the standard Garand / M14 except nylon, nice sling. Sorry don't have NEWS to get the address but shure you can find one.
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