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Port 7.62

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Went to the gunshow in Waycross, GA Saturday and picked up 3 cans (200 delinked loose rounds each) of Port 7.62 @ $40.00 per can. It is marked FNM 93-3 L21A1. Is this good stuff for the M14 and FAL rifles? The cans are marked 200 RDS 7.62MM BALL L21A1 LNK IN -..- FM3 FNM 09-02-93. The young man delinked them by hand while I was at the show.

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A quick run down on some of the different surplus ammo manufactures out there for the M14/M1A...

Argentine, good when found, stamped FM or SF
Australian ADI (Australian Defense Industries)/Aussie, good, stamped AFF or MF
Portuguese, good, stamped BF, second in line is FNM
Radway Green (British), very good, going up in price, NATO cross stamp, RG
Lake City Army Ammunition, very, very good, cost is high, NATO cross stamp, LC
German, stamped MEN and DAG, real good, cost is high when you can find it
Hirtenberger, real good, going up in price when you can find it, stamped H or HP
Israel Military Industries surplus, head stamped IMI, S, SA, SB, TA, TZ & TZZ. I have no info on how it compares with the group above through my NM M1A.
Malaysian, good, hard to find, stamped MAL
Santa Barbra (Spain), real good, stamped SB / 7.62x51
South Africa, good, stamped R1M1
Venezuelan, no data as of yet, stamped nny 7.62 MM
Royal Ordnance (Indian), stamp OFV, I would avoid it like the plague!

Just my opinion of course... :p

Oh by the way, has anyone talked to you about buying some good surplus ammo yet?

The 10 Rules of Ammo:

1) You can never have too much ammo on hand. 1k rounds per battle rifle is a good minimum to start with (fubar).
2) Supplies of good surplus run out before you know it, and usually when you're running low on ammo, so buy plenty while its available.
3) When in doubt about how much ammo you should buy, refer to rule #1.
4) Ammo is meant to be shot, so shoot often.
5) Because of rule #4, ammo must be replenished often as well.
6) When replenishing supply of ammo, refer to rules #1 through #3.
7) You must buy at least twice as much ammo as you shoot (fubar).
8: Always store ammo in a cool dry place (TEA).
9) If you don't have room in your house to store ammo per rule #8, build a bunker or a cellar in your back yard for storing ammo (TEA).
10) Friends don't let friends buy Indian surplus ammo (TEA). Or Never buy surplus ammo from a country where you wouldn't drink the water (midrat).

XXIV Corps :mrgreen:
DMZ 70-72
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Thanks XXIV Corps!

Nice guide!
I wish I hadn't run out of money as I would have bought his last 200 round can!

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