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Poor man's varmint sniper rifle

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.223 caliber single shot. I cant wait to bust another woodchuck with this rifle. Heavy barrel makes it accurate. Leupold 12x sits on it. Something about no possibility of a follow up shot makes this rifle alot of fun for about $200

Picked up this H&R Ultra a few years ago and last spring took off the wood stock and put on a cholate stock. This rifle is very accurate and a real chuck duster at 200yds.
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zapp My favorite for critters is a Winchester model 70
w/HS precision stock in 22-250 I also use an old Leupold 12x
on top of it. This thing really is the nuts up to 500 yards. I
bought this some years ago for a song and a dance.

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Nice target vet66! :)

This rifle is a good one but my favorite is a Ruger MKIIVT in .243 cal. With a moderate load it pushes a 55gr nbt at 3700fps with a warm load at 4000+fps. Approaches a 22-250 load. This load cuts a chuck in two bloody parts. I know many people that have used this gun to hunt deer with, but I have never done it feeling not less than thirty cal should be used on a northeastren whitetail but with an 85gr spt will anchor a coydog on the spot. Oh springtime fun.
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