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PolyTech w/GI Parts

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To all you armorers, etc. :D
Question #1: What other parts can one use as GI parts besides the ones listed below??? :?:

Question #2: USGI postban flashhider 1 part . Does this mean that if I put a Flashhider ea., from Fulton Armory (without bayonet lug) that this will count as 1 of the 7 GI parts (after market) ???????????

Easiest parts to replace?
Magazine( body, follower and baseplate) 3 parts
USGI trigger group(hammer, trigger,disconnector) 3 parts
USGI stock(1or 2 parts, not quite sure, buttstock and forearm) 1 part
USGI handguard 1 part
USGI postban flashhider 1 part
USGI gas piston 1 part
USGI Op Rod 1 part

Regards :mrgreen:
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I believe Bolt and barrel also counts.

Don't modify an USGI flash suppressor into postban configuration. They're no longer made and the modification isn't reversable. Come september and your FS will be worthless.
Front Sight

Rear Sight

Gas Cylinder


Legal Change Parts

Thanks for your help.
Alan :mrgreen:
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