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polytech and springfield

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from what i have read on some of the other forums, springfield armory is haveing a rough go at it now with some quality problems. polytechs seem to be the gun of choice right now or at least it seems that way to me. the only problem for me right now is i have noticed a considerable rise in the price of polys and this could put a dampner on enlarging my collection. sure the value of mine will go up but they arent for sale and never wer intended to be. wish i hadnt sold the ones i did last year. it might be time to break out the old h and r reweld and put the polys up. will be in teresting to see what happens to the poly market as there are only so many out there. what do you think?
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Hey Harley Guy:

Getting more is always cool!!! :lol: On the SA problems, I'm still a bit unconvinced that SA is having a major problem with QC... I have been keeping up with the threads but it seems only occasionally a person will post a real QC problem with all of the others who had problems chiming in on each post... which makes it seem like a MAJOR 8O problem but I think it is still a very small percentage of "screw ups" that are popping up versus the amount of M1A's that they are selling.

Last year, I bought over $250,000 worth of Cisco routers for a network that we were setting up and about 80% failed... and that was grounds for a QC review on their part... which they did and replaced all of the malfunctioning equipment with new stuff which worked... Cisco was cool.

I think that if the amount of problems coming back to SA were alarmingly high, they would probably do a QC review of their own... SA seems to have a degree of integrity... and they do seem to remedy most of the problems that I have been reading on the boards... so I have a hard time deciding which side of the fence to sit on...

Hmmmm... it was just a thought... but more guns sound good!!! In any case...


Tom O.
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