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police purchase of new m14

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i had my tables set up at our local gun show this weekend and a guy comes wandering by with m14 slung over his shoulder. he stops to inquire about new unissued gi mags and i direct him to him to our local surplus dealer. when he turned to leave i spotted the selector switch and stopped him. after many questions, he told me it was a law enforcement buy only, brand new unissued h and r select fire m14. after some coaxing he let me examine the rifle and sure enough it was. this rifle had no handling marks of any kind, no wear on any of the metal, all the stock stampings were amazingly clear and unmolested by handling. he stated it took about a year with many followup phone calls and mailings but evidently worth the wait. this guy admitted to being a swat team member in our bordering town and when he realized i was a m14 nut from hell, he opened up to more conversion. he would not give a price but did say that other members were in the process of ordering. he was in his late twenties and had no experience with the m14, hadnt even shot this one but had plans to do so. is anybody out there familiar with this program. these are absolutely brand new rifles from our government arsenals with a law enforcement only stipulation. if i had not seen this with my own eyes, i wouldnt have believed it. anybody out there with more info on this, holler back.
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police purchase m14

this was a new H ad R m14, fully operational selective fire rifle. the gentleman was courteous enough to let me hold and look the rifle carefully over without disturbing anything. i would have given my eye teeth to field strip this jewel. he stated it was purchased by him through a government program somethign along the line of 1336 or 1364 LEO and it was his weapon, not the departments. he also had to apply and maintain in good standing the appropriate papers in order to possess said rifle. what amazes me is that somewhere out there in government land is a batch of select fire m14 rifles that are new, never used, not even handling marks. anyone with more info on this let me know. i know i will never be given the chance to own one but would like to know all that i can about this. i shoot with some of our highway patrol boys and will try to find out more about thi through them. will post if anymore info comes my way
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police purchase m14

you could and probably are right on both counts. i cant comment on his sincerity because i never saw him before in my life. i thought it rather brazen to be walking around with the rifle but it didnt seem to bother him. my biggest question about this whole incident is that the rifles are somewhere stored in a government arsenal i presume but where? how many exist in this supreme condition? has anyone seen a brand new m14 select fire lately, especially government issue? really curious about this whole thing. thanks for the info.

my highway patrol budd just got back to me with the lowdown on this mysterious m14 purchase. indeed it was purchased by the police department and issued to the gentleman in question. also on order are two more for other members of their swat team. as far as him saying it was his, well thats another story and my only comment on that is arrogance and trying to impress someone isnt my cup of tea. these are purchased from the government through LO 1033 and there is considerable red tape but what isnt if you are involved in anything government.
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