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police purchase of new m14

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i had my tables set up at our local gun show this weekend and a guy comes wandering by with m14 slung over his shoulder. he stops to inquire about new unissued gi mags and i direct him to him to our local surplus dealer. when he turned to leave i spotted the selector switch and stopped him. after many questions, he told me it was a law enforcement buy only, brand new unissued h and r select fire m14. after some coaxing he let me examine the rifle and sure enough it was. this rifle had no handling marks of any kind, no wear on any of the metal, all the stock stampings were amazingly clear and unmolested by handling. he stated it took about a year with many followup phone calls and mailings but evidently worth the wait. this guy admitted to being a swat team member in our bordering town and when he realized i was a m14 nut from hell, he opened up to more conversion. he would not give a price but did say that other members were in the process of ordering. he was in his late twenties and had no experience with the m14, hadnt even shot this one but had plans to do so. is anybody out there familiar with this program. these are absolutely brand new rifles from our government arsenals with a law enforcement only stipulation. if i had not seen this with my own eyes, i wouldnt have believed it. anybody out there with more info on this, holler back.
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harley guy,

Did you happen to see what manufacture this guys rifle was or rather his department rifle, just curious. I know of a guy who rents a TRW M-14 from the state to use to compete with in high power service rifle. If I remember correctly it costs him about $50 a year to rent. I have not seen the inside of the weapon so I don’t know if the selector lug has been removed or not, technically/legally it should it should have been, but the rifle does belong to the state, so who knows.
The way I understand it, an officer can legally own his own select fire M-14 or any other class III weapon for that matter as long as it is on the NFA registry, thus such a weapon would be able to be owned by any other law abiding citizen looking to be involved in the class III world. As he says he has never fired that type of weapon he probably didn’t pony up the $6000 or so for it. I would think if his department is looking to acquire them they too are not going to spend that kind of cash, but you never know. If there are some that are available through the government that are not in the NFA registry those weapons can only be owned by the government, class III dealers and manufactures and official agencies i.e. police departments so, if this guys department owned the rifle it could have been assigned to him and I suppose if he was so inclined he might wander around the show with the weapon. Or, maybe it is some wanna be with an H & R re-weld with one of Hawks kits : )
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