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Point styles

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the "Tanto" vs. the rounded, drop point (clip point) blades?
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I believe the tanto was better at stabbing through light armor like leather. It was taken from Japanese knives and swords.

The clip point seems to better at slicing and general stabbing.

Tanto seems too specialized for my general use.

My edc CRKT pocket folder is a drop point, which does seem to be more versatile for most of the tasks it's used for (opening boxes, cutting misc. stuff, wire stripping, etc.). My larger, self defense Benchmade has a tanto point. Kind of depends on what your primary purpose for the knife would be or personal preference of course.

Regards, Jim
The problem with a tanto point for general use is that the part of the edge where the angle changes abruptly dulls very quickly, and they are difficult to sharpen. The tanto might be stronger if you envision having to pry something, or jam the tip into something hard.
A clip point is better for cleaning game or skinning.
IMO, knives are for cutting. If you want to stab something use an icepick or a dirk.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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