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Pillar bedding discussion..

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What is the definition of pillar bedding as it relates to the M1A?
Is pillar bedding an advantage?

These two questions always bring about different answers and opinions, leaving the subject subjective...

The advantage of pillar bedding and how to best achieve it has been discussed at lenght. My argument, or position, concerns the mateial/materials used to form the pillar.

As an example: Speaking of the receiver heel that has a lug that is drilled and tapped. The bottom surface is the concern in this instance. There seems to be two popular methods of creating a pillar from the lug bottom to surface of the rear bedding pads of the trigger housing.

1. The area between these two surfaces can be bedded solid using an asssortment of products. Done in a manner that produces a solid material mass from top to bottom. A hole is drilled and a screw is used to torque the two surfaces together..

2. The area between the two surfaces is occupied in part by a metal pillar, surrounded on all sides by bedding material in a manner that leaves the top and bottom of the metal pillar in direct contact with the heel and TH bedding pads. There is no bedding material between the pillar and the surfaces of the heel and pads. If there is bedding material between the two surfaces why install a the metal pillar?

Number two is a true pillar bedding method.. This method is an accuracy advantage in my opinion... What is your's?

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Don McCoy used method #2, Roland Beaver currently also uses #2. Mac made his pilar from aluminum in a T shape and glued them in place inverted so the bolt contacted the wider part of the T, he used a stainless cap screw and instructed me to only tighten it apx. 20 in. lbs..

EDIT: Art, addressing your last post above, Mac built my rear-lugged M1 in 2004, the draw pressure from the trigger group is minimal, just enough to keep it seated.
The torque of the bolt must be specific to the rifle. Mine is set at 40 in/lbs, and inscribed as such on the trigger housing floor.

Not sure this complicates anything, but not all rifles respond the same it would appear.
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