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Pilgramige to Springfield

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Well, had to visit the armpit/bowel of western mASSachusetts, Springfield; gangs drugs, hobos, hookers, pimps......all the good stuff the D-Rats from beacon hill/bASStun has promised.......

Had some down and time and went to a FREE and true haven from that God forsaken city. The Springfield Armory national historic site.

Every sort of gun from 1300s to when they closed 1967: A case of NM guns from Krag to M14 (M19911A too) . The FIRST (ser #1 ) garand and each of the 100000ths ( oh the wood on those). The M44 and Fal/FN used in 1955 for testing. Dwights M14, no ser# stamped DDE (pretty). All the flints and percussion from french inspired 1797 to late 1800s. Machine guns from gatling to current, browning 50s,...... Examples from all the major wars, ours and theirs. Tools and tooling from handmade/1 maker to examples of machining, forging, investment casting. A step by step example of a garand peep sight; first cut from a round steel pipe (for several), forgings, machinings, and final parkerized. Same for a hammer and trigger.

If you MUST visit Springfield Ma, visit the Armory.

I took pics but on a friends camera, if I get the jpegs will post.

It was refreshing to move out of the Ct river valley, into the Berkshire hills and then back into the green mts

P.S. For lunch, Student Prince on Fort St. off of Main. Great traditional German/Bavarian and all sorts of beer/ales. Don't get lost parts of Springfield is ugly as any city USA
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A few years back, my wife and I spent a day there as part os a motorcycle road trip we were on.
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